Life is a big joke

Life is a big joke

when you want to die, but also to live

when you want to die quick, but you’re already dying

when you can forget, those fucking things

but realizing that it’s just hiding on the back of your head

When simple things make you cry, because when the trigger is pulled and give a signal

It opens the room of your hidden memories of doubt, sadness, anger, loneliness, depression, and many kinds of negativity

The irony is, it co-exist with your happy thoughts and positivity

Oh, Life is a big joke

A joke which is not funny

But can make you cry while laughing

Life is a big joke

When you want to pursue something, but realizing “Is it worth the effort?”

Talking to yourself,“Maybe not, but it’s fun and I want to prove something”

But it always coming back to the start

It’s not a rocket science

It’s simply, life is a big big joke

A really big joke

A boy prays a lot to thank him and tell some wishes, He grants it

The boy prays again….

Stop this joke…  Quick

So quick, it looks like nothing happens


It’s the Time

In the midst of the road of ideas and thoughts, it makes my sight blur, it makes the site chaotic..

But when I look a little closer and investigate far more, then It struck me..

An Idea or a Thought will never be chaotic, It’s us who make it that way… a blur on our mind, an event that pass by..

So before it disappear and become a random pigment in thy mind.. I decided to write it now..

This Is It.. This Is The Time..